How To Install An Aluminum Fence Gate

//How To Install An Aluminum Fence Gate

Aluminum gates are extremely popular worldwide due to their functional features and designs. There is a great chance that you have come across an idea or design of an aluminum fence when searching for home inspirations. Not only is it something homeowners prefer, but it also looks great on commercial properties. 

When it comes to the installation of aluminum fence gates, a lot of people prefer the DIY method. You might have seen some DIY videos on social media that struck you with inspiration. But it can be quite difficult if you don’t have any prior experience. You need the right tools and guidelines to install the gate properly. We always recommend consulting a professional like Hammond Industries. We understand it’s a significant investment to install an aluminum fence gate, but if you want to try it yourself, here is a quick guide.

What will you need for the installation of the aluminum fence gate?

You will need an Aluminum gate kit that includes gate panels, hinges, a latch, an adjustable wrench, and hardware. Moreover, you need a tape measure, chalk or string, concrete mix, a shovel, a level, a screwdriver, or a drill. It is also professional to wear safety goggles and gloves to avoid any potential issues. 

Steps to install an aluminum fence gate:

1. Measure and mark the gate posts

The first step is to plan the location of the gate posts. This step is crucial because this is where you will install the gate. Now, measure the distance between the two gate posts and check it with a level. Mark these locations using chalk or string before you move on to the next step. 

2. Start digging and attach hinges

Start digging the gate posts that you marked earlier. The gate post should be deep enough to support the gate. Add the concrete mix in these holes to ensure they are still on the same level after digging. Let the concrete dry for 24 hours, then begin with the hinges. Now, hold the gate on the posts using the hinges. Mark the location of the hinges and drill holes in the past. After that, attach the hinges using screws before we install the aluminum fence gate. 

3. Hang the gate

It’s the time you have been waiting for! In this step, we will finally put up the gate. Attach the hinges to the gate panels and put the gate in the gate posts. Once you see the alignment of the gate, secure the hinge pins in brackets. After this, you have to repeatedly check that the gate can open and close easily. There might be a chance that the gate needs adjustment at this step. 

4. Install and latch the hardware

In this step, we will secure it with the help of a latch and hardware. Position the latch opposite to the hinges and secure it with screws and bolts for a smooth opening and closing of the fate. Even in this step, check the gate to ensure it can open and close without issues. 


Above is a quick DIY step-by-step guide for installing an aluminum fence gate. By following the steps above, you can successfully install the gate. You might need an extra set of hands, but we recommend that you hire a professional. 

For a smoother and faster experience, we at Hammond Industries highly recommend trusting our team of professionals to install your aluminum fence gate. We have the right expertise and are fully trained to install these gates regularly. This will ensure that the gate is installed quickly and make the job easier for you. 

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